Our team of experienced technicians focuses solely on collaboration with industry professionals, such as residential contractors, architects, designers, and handymen/service companies. This allows us to better serve our customers and continue to provide top- notch service and products in an efficient and timely manner. We are happy to showcase our products to homeowners represented by a professional, or those who plan to engage with a professional. Professionals can accompany clients to our showroom, or we will provide homeowners a mechanism to supply their professional with selections or preferences.

There are many beautiful applications for glass that are not specific to the home or commercial property. Glass allows for many opportunities to add color and texture to the environment for that unique accent!



There are many creative ways for mirrors to enhance the beauty of the home or office. Use mirrors on entire walls, custom vanities, custom or antique frames, custom shapes, stacked shelves, cabinets, alcoves, and wardrobe doors to name a few. 


Patterned/Specialty Glass

Patterned or specialty glass has been rolled or cast with a pattern or made with color or other textures added to the glass. In many cases these kinds of glass can be used in typical glazing applications such as cabinets or heavy glass showers, but there are some constraints depending on the glass and the application. Specialty glass designs cover a broad spectrum from very exotic to very subtle, and are often used as an accent, glass screen, or display.


Glass Railings

Glass railings are an elegant enhancement to any property. Whether it’s a deck, balcony, staircase, loft, or a lobby, glass railings can be a beautiful accent and another opportunity to make an artistic statement with a multitude of options to suit the installation. Custom Glass has completed many projects ranging in size and complexity.


Decor & Furniture

Decor and furniture options for glass include tabletops, glass shelves, desktops, and custom shapes to name a few.

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